What Is The Best Flavored Coffee To Wholesale?

What Is The Best Flavored Coffee To Wholesale?

Flavored coffee is the new norm for coffee connoisseurs in the millennial and Generation Z age brackets. Many famous coffee brands are advancing their products to satisfy the changing landscape. 

Coffee shop owners are always on the hunt for the best flavored coffee imaginable. Partnering with a great coffee brand helps set you apart from the competition and makes you indispensable to your customers. 

Hints of pumpkin spice, French vanilla, and hazelnuts undoubtedly make your customers’ mornings more interesting. Flavored coffees can negate the bitter edge from a traditionally roasted coffee bean.

The key to amazing flavored coffee lies in finding the best wholesale coffee bean first. Here, we look at the type of beans and the finest flavored coffee options to purchase wholesale.

What Type of Coffee Beans Are Best For Wholesale?

Tip 1: Always buy whole beans. 

It may seem convenient to work with pre-ground or pre-roasted coffee, however, once the coffee is pre-ground or pre-roasted it starts losing its freshness and flavor. 

All coffee connoisseurs are cautious about the quality of coffee beans they invest in as this affects the overall result of the drink. Flavored coffee is often disregarded or avoided as it is believed to be low-grade coffee. 

In the 1960’s coffee prices shot up immensely and coffee brands compensated for this by using lower quality beans. The same way the charred tones of a French roast can mask the flavor of low-quality beans, flavored coffees were believed to do the same. 

There are still a few low-end brands dedicated to this strategy, but the marketplace now has companies that offer flavored premium whole beans. Using higher quality beans for your brew helps bring out the bean’s exceptional flavor! 

Tip 2: Focus on the roast levels. 

As a coffee shop owner, it's in your best interest to find a roasting method that works best for you and your distribution.

Here are the three most popular and accessible roasting methods:

  • Pan/Grill Roasting
  • Oven Roasting
  • Woodfire Roasting


This has a dramatic effect on flavor and taste as the type of coffee roast you choose can bring out different notes in the coffee bean. 

Even though this is all about coffee with added flavors, the method of roasting can create a noticeable difference. 

Roast levels determine the balance of your beans - how sweet or bitter the coffee turns out. 

To prepare coffee that has a mild body and bright acidity, choose a light roast coffee. They are best at highlighting the beans’ flavors, making the added taste and scent stronger. A light roast coffee works well with subtle floral, fruity, and more natural flavors.

A medium roast has a step up in flavor and is more aligned with the taste you might be familiar with in coffee from a grocery store.

As the coffee roast progresses from light to dark, more flavors are released from the roasting process. This process gives your coffee notes of caramelization and toastiness. Your coffee will have a richer taste and substantial body when working with more robust aromas like nuts and chocolate. 

As you pick out the best coffee flavors, consider what type of roast level enhances the type of flavor you’d like to offer. Here are more helpful tips on buying flavored coffee beans. 

Endless Flavored Coffee 

Many brands of coffee are on the lookout for the next interesting flavor to add to the market. Here are some categories of flavored coffee:

  • Sweet flavors such as Chocolate Raspberry.
  • Spicy flavors such as Pumpkin Spice.
  • Alcohol-based flavors such as Amaretto and Jamaica Me Crazy.
  • Complex dessert flavors such as Chocolate Fudge and Red Velvet.

Java Bean Plus offers an exotic coffee-flavored experience by providing unique tastes in almost four dozen gourmet options. Choose from four different roasts: 

  • French 
  • American 
  • MC Decaffeinated 
  • Swiss Water Decaffeinated 

Now let’s go deeper into the four main categories of flavored coffee.

Flavors for Customers Who Have a Sweet Tooth

Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee


This is for the Nutella fanatics. It mimics Nutella’s smooth and creamy taste and doubles up the chocolate aroma. It goes easy on your tastebuds with a hint of lightly toasted hazelnuts combined with smooth milk chocolate. 

Chocolate Rasberry Coffee

This roast is fruit flavored and combines fresh and tart raspberries with sensational milk chocolate for your drinking pleasure. 

Hawaiian Hazelnut Coffee

This blend is reminiscent of Hawaii; the aroma and flavor of this blend are designed to bring to life tropical white sandy beaches. It’s a combination of sweet coconut and toasted nuts with hints of caramel that fill up your whole cafe. 

Flavors That Add a Bit of Spice to Dull Mornings

Pumpkin Spice

Who doesn’t love this all-time favorite blend of the smooth, creamy taste of fresh pumpkin pie? Mixed with spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, it's the best coffee for any occasion. 

Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee


This blend draws in coffee lovers who also enjoy baked goods. It is made of warm flavors such as toasted nuts, brown sugar, and cinnamon spice that make up its buttery and smooth taste. 

French Vanilla Coffee


It’s hard to compete with this timeless classic flavor that’s a delight to many coffee lovers. This French vanilla flavored coffee adds a creamy, rich touch to the sweet flavor of gourmet custard. 

Hazelnut Coffee

There’s a reason this coffee flavor is an all-time crowd-pleaser. It has the buttery taste of shelled hazelnuts with a dash of savory-sweet vanilla.


Flavors With a Bit of a Kick

Amaretto Coffee

This coffee feels like sugar, spice, and everything nice. The blend takes a page out of the classic Italian Amaretto liqueurs’ recipe book. It is fruity with hints of ripe cherry and almond that make it intensely sweet. 

Hazelnut Butter Rum Coffee

This blend is the perfect mix of buttered rum (butter, vanilla, and brown sugar) with the aroma and warm taste of toasted hazelnuts. 

Jamaica Me Crazy Coffee

This blend of beans lives up to the exceptional standards of Jamaican coffee with its robust roast. When it comes to flavor this blend combines a trio of coffee liqueur, vanilla, and caramel. It is a strong blend that packs a punch. 

Complex Dessert Flavors for Your Curious Customers

Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake

This is definitely a classic breakfast treat that embodies a smooth buttery flavor. It also has hints of apple and cinnamon for a sweet finish. 

Red Velvet Coffee

Everyone deserves a delectable morning and this is what this blend offers. It gives off the actual taste of a moist red velvet cake and sweet homemade vanilla icing

Snicker Cookie Coffee

Picture this: creamy butter, warm cinnamon, brown sugar, and smooth hazelnuts in a coffee-flavored drink. Doesn’t it sound more like a baked good? That is the power of this blend that combines these flavors to bring the taste of this popular cookie to life. 

Chocolate Fudge Coffee

This coffee blend is for the chocolate fanatics, without the extra serving of guilt. It’s a rich, full-bodied coffee flavor that tastes just like your favorite chocolate brownie. 

Banana Split Coffee

This coffee is a great way for your customers to enjoy a long, hot summer’s day. They will appreciate the mix of light vanilla cream and banana that delights the senses.

Blueberry Cobbler Coffee


This blend can be compared to the classic American dessert with great flavors consisting of sweet and fresh blueberries, warm cinnamon, and a delectable buttery crumb topping.


Coconut Cream Coffee

This blend is reminiscent of a tropical island. The flavor of cream and smooth coconut milk adds to the depth of this premium flavored coffee. Hints of fresh coconut contribute to the sweetness in the blend. 

Peppermint Coffee

Your customers don’t have to wait until Christmas to enjoy this coffee blend. It’s the best coffee flavor to bring out the holiday cheer all year round. This flavor merges mint and chocolate to create that beloved peppermint aroma to draw you in. 

Mudslide Coffee

This coffee blend is packed with the immense sweetness of luscious caramel, creamy chocolate, and sweet vanilla. It's thick and savory, leaving your customers wanting more. 

Jack Frost Winter Coffee

This blend has the power to see anyone through the dead of winter and satisfy their coffee craving. This gourmet roast fuses together notes of Irish cream, peppermint, and rich chocolate that warms you right up. 

How Do You Choose High-Quality Flavored Coffee?

Choosing the best and most flavorful products is important for keeping your customers happy. An estimate of 1-3mg of flavor for every 1kg of coffee is an optimal ratio when considering a coffee’s flavor concentration.

It is also a great way to tell if the original coffee beans are made of high quality. If the flavor and coffee don’t balance out, it can indicate that the manufacturer is trying to “drown out” the coffee by using aromatization

Determining the perfect amount or aromatization is tricky to do (seeing as you aren't able to control the flavoring process at the factory). But you can verify this information from the packaging or check the roaster’s website for more information. 

Another tip is to be on the lookout for brand coffee quality check procedures

Flavored coffees of higher quality undergo several stages of checking procedures. The information from these operations covers the entire production process and includes checking the coffee beans for roast consistency or any physical defects. 

Take good care of your wholesale coffee after receiving it by ensuring it’s properly:

  • Stored - to preserve the quality, freshness, and natural flavors, keep your whole bean coffee in sealed containers out of direct sunlight. 

  • Roasted - once the whole bean is roasted it should be delivered to you as soon as possible. 

  • Served - serving a good cup of coffee involves using the proper grind for your coffee maker and bean profile. 

Who Makes the Best Flavored Coffee?

With over 20 years of experience and unwavering dedication, Java Bean Plus is proud to serve over a thousand clients across the United States. Our reputation has been built on our endless innovation to meet the needs of coffee establishments nationwide. 

We exist to serve and supply our commercial clients with the highest quality, flavored coffee from around the world. With our range of unique flavored coffee, you can dive into a world of coffee that's infused with exciting textures and notes that are more adventurous than your regular cup of joe.

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