As a purveyor of wholesale coffee beans, your reputation depends on every aspect of the quality of the bulk coffee beans you sell. And as a result, so does ours. At Java Bean Plus, we take pride in providing our customers with roasting techniques that bring out the best qualities of the roasted coffee beans. Roasting coffee beans the right way provides unparalleled flavor and freshness that your customers will love.

No matter the size of your company, our experts are here to help you at every step.

A Library of Coffee

roasting coffee beansJust as a library contains many books, we carry a wide range of roasted coffee beans, originating from around the globe and representing a diversity of roasts and flavors. And just like in a library, it's important to be able to sort through the information in order to find exactly what you need.

Our single origin coffees are organized by geography. All our bulk green coffee beans come with a roast and flavor profile, as well as detailed information about the coffee beans’ origin. Our espressos, on the other hand, are broken down by the roast level, while our signature blends focus on flavor profile.

In addition, all of our roasted coffee beans are indexed and categorized so you can see similar bulk coffee beans at the bottom of each page. This is a great resource if you're looking to explore an entirely new region or choose a new blend that your customers may like.

The Importance of Roasting Right

At Java Bean Plus, we believe in quality wholesale coffee beans, and we take our roasting seriously. We roast only in small batches at 165-235 kg yield per batch. We use a Lilla roaster, which uses clean natural gas and is smokeless for the cleanest flavor.

By balancing automation with our time-tested manual process, we achieve perfect consistency while maintaining the true art of roasting. This allows us to attain the full range of flavors for all our roasted coffee beans. Given the time and effort we take in sourcing our bulk green coffee selection, it’s no surprise that we also pride in roasting done right.

Storing Your Beans

In the wholesale coffee beans business, freshness is paramount. In order to achieve maximum freshness for our roasted coffee beans, we roast only in small batches to minimize the time between roasting and shipping.

We sell our roasted coffee beans in 5-pound bags so that you can order in small increments to ensure freshness at all times. Additionally, we pack our bulk coffee beans in an innovative re-sealable "flushed" zipper-lock valve bag. This ensures that the bulk roasted coffee beans are placed in a nitrogen atmosphere, minimizing their exposure to oxygen and maximizing the amount of time that the wholesale coffee beans remain fresh.

We recommend that you store roasted coffee beans in a cool, dry environment using airtight containers. It's important that the bulk roasted coffee beans are kept in a clean space and are not mixed with other bulk coffee beans or stored near items with strong odors. 

Brewing the Perfect Cup

The best cup of coffee has always depended on proper brewing technique. From pour-overs to pulled espressos, there's no shortage of choices. But there are certain principles that will always hold true when creating the perfect cup of coffee for your customers.

Getting the Right Grind

Whichever brewing technique you prefer, it’s essential to choose the grind that best complements that technique.

bulk coffee beansAn espresso requires the finest grind, while a French press uses the coarsest—but of course, there are many gradients in between. You'll find that for each particular grinder, there is a precise level of fineness that works best. Ideally, the grind should be fully consistent throughout, with no heat introduced into the grinding process.

Unfortunately, many electric grinders are mechanized in a way that does produce high temperatures, heating up the wholesale coffee beans prior to brewing and causing a loss of freshness. We recommend investing in a grinder that will minimize heat and consistently achieve a precise grind. For those who would rather leave the grinding to someone else, we at Java Bean Plus offer all roasted coffee in Ground Automatic as well as Whole Bean for your convenience.

The Value of Weighing

Weighing roasted coffee beans has two advantages, whether you weigh out the grinds per cup or only for larger volumes. First of all, it is more precise than measuring solely by sight or perceived volume. Depending on humidity and room temperature, the amount of grinds can actually look different, but their weight will always remain consistent.

Weighing grinds also allows for a highly accurate method of monitoring inventory. Due to the volatile price of bulk coffee beans, loss can cut into your margins. However, by having a built-in way to efficiently track your coffee inventory, you will be able to keep that loss to a minimum—especially with the exceptional wholesale coffee prices we offer at Java Bean Plus.

How Important is Water, Temperature and Time?

In a word: very! All of the details are vital. Even if you are brewing the finest roasted coffee beans in the world, your final cup will only be as good as the quality of your water.

Always use clean filtered water, and keep equipment clean and free of cross-contamination with other roasted coffee beans. And while freshness, bean quality, method and roast are the building blocks of high-quality coffee, it is brewing at the perfect temperature for the ideal amount of time that will take an excellent cup of coffee and make it truly spectacular.

When is a Blend a better choice than a Single Origin?

Sometimes a Blend is Best

wholesale coffee beansWhile we at Java Bean Plus are incredibly proud of our wide selection of single origin coffee beans, it is important to recognize that coffee has a long and storied history—in which people drinking single origins by choice is relatively new.

One look at the 400-year history of the Mocha & Java Blend, for example, reveals some of the benefits that blending has offered coffee drinkers for centuries. That’s why at Java Bean Plus, in addition to valuing the third wave coffee movement, we also extol the virtues of drinking blended coffees. Not only do we pride ourselves on offering the finest single origin coffee beans, but our roasters also revel in achieving the heights of taste and depth of refinement that only the most masterful blending of bulk coffee beans can achieve.

Creating Consistency

If you serve coffee at high volumes and seek consistency in your daily brew, choosing a blend will allow you to achieve and maintain the highest quality day after day. As much as coffee connoisseurs and insiders might “geek out” over the latest Ethiopian blend, many people may not welcome that kind of complexity in their morning cup of joe.

Consistently producing a delicious, straightforward cup of coffee every day sounds like a relatively easy task, but we in the coffee industry know just how much work goes into providing customers with such a seemingly simple request. The right blend will help you deliver by maintaining quality and eliminating the guesswork.

Cost Efficiency

Overhead is important to any business. At Java Bean Plus, we take great pride in offering our customers the most competitive wholesale coffee pricing on our entire selection.

Though some of you may have a customer base that prefers single origins, many of you serve customers who favor more familiar blends. Since we understand that not everyone wants or is able to afford the most complex offerings, we offer blending as a way to produce a more cost-efficient cup of coffee and allow you to properly meet your own customers’ unique needs.

Using our expert knowledge, we create the highest quality blends at lower prices, and pass those savings directly on to you. Give us a call to discuss which blends are the most cost-conscious without sacrificing quality, flavor or customer satisfaction.

We Are Here For You

From choosing the right roasts for your business to creating the best cup of coffee, we love sharing all of our coffee knowledge with our clients. Whether you’re opening a cafe or looking to optimize the selection for your grocery chain, we will work with you to continuously build, improve and enhance your coffee business. Give us a call to find out how Java Bean Plus can best fill all of your coffee needs—or even just to talk shop.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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