The Best Coffee Syrups For The Fall Season

The Best Coffee Syrups For The Fall Season

As the weather gets cooler and school starts to gear back up, we are all in need of a hot cup of coffee to keep us going. Every year when autumn rolls around, everyone goes crazy for pumpkin spice lattes. While pumpkin spice is one of the flavors emblematic of the fall season, we can’t forget about the rest of them. Fall flavors and coffee are the perfect mix.

Many coffee roasts already have a warm nuttiness to them and fall flavors perfectly complement that. Here are some of the best coffee syrups for the fall so you can celebrate the season with every sip you take.

Candied Orange Monin Syrup

You might not immediately think of Candied Orange Monin Syrup as the best fall flavor for coffee, but this flavor is rich, pure, and pairs perfectly with hot or cold coffee beverages. Try combining it with Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce and you’ve got a delicious chocolate-covered orange in your cup of coffee.


Caramel Monin Syrup


Caramel is another traditional fall flavor, and one of the best things about it is that it’s so versatile. When combined with Apple Monin Syrup, you’ve got a flavor reminiscent of your favorite apple pie recipe- with a cup of coffee of, course.


Irish Cream Monin Syrup

How fantastic does a hot cup of coffee with a shot of Irish cream sound? Well, with Monin’s Irish Cream coffee syrup, you can enjoy the flavor of an Irish coffee at any time of the day! Add in a dash of Hazelnut Monin Syrup to round out the richness and bask in the deliciousness of this fall-flavored coffee beverage.


Maple Spice Monin Syrup

Typically, maple syrup is reserved for culinary delicacies of the breakfast persuasion – waffles, pancakes, and even breakfast sausage. Here’s a secret about maple, though: it’s amazing in coffee! The richness and warmth of the familiar maple flavor are perfect for the dropping temperatures of fall. Just as the maple leaves fall from the trees, the maple syrup flows into our coffee cups.


Toasted Almond Mocha

With two flavors in one easy pour (or pump), toasted almond mocha is practically everything you would want out of a fall-flavored coffee beverage. Nothing says warmth like toasted almonds. The flavor is amplified with the addition of chocolate and butterscotch notes that’s found in this bottle of Monin coffee syrup.


It’s time to roll out your fall coffee menu with flavors that keep things interesting and your coffee shop patrons coming back for more. This list of unique coffee syrups for the fall season is sure to add some excitement to your current offerings. Check out some other unique flavors from our large collection of syrups and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Don’t forget to grab extra Monin syrup pumps for your new bottles!

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