Helpful Tips on Buying Flavored Coffee Beans

Coffee beans

There’s nothing better than a great cup of coffee, and the best place to have a cup is right in front of you. To make sure that the coffee you sell every day is of the highest quality, there are a couple things to keep in mind when picking out beans. There are tons of flavored coffee beans to choose from, and no matter which you’d like to distribute or sell, here are some helpful tips to follow.

Coffee beans


Many coffee lovers prefer their coffee devoid of flavors, but there are others that love choosing between exciting flavors to spice up their cup of coffee. People buy flavored coffee because they like the way it tastes, and there are so many flavors out there to choose from. Whether you’d like to display more exotic flavors like Banana Split or more common tastes like Vanilla, you’re sure to find the right flavored coffee blend.

Tightly Sealed

Avoid any packages that have been opened or are not airtight. If air is going in and out of the packaging, valuable flavor is escaping. And the more the coffee loses its flavor, the less appealing it will be. Tightly sealed bags will keep the beans from oxidizing and drying out, and the tighter the seal, the less you have to pay attention to when the beans were packaged. Make sure every cup you serve is as good as the last one by ensuring the packaging is airtight and resealable.

Questions to Ask the Supplier

A savvy business owner and purchaser of wholesale products knows to ask questions about the product they’re considering before moving along with anything. If you’ve narrowed your list of suppliers down, it’s important to ask a few important questions. These can include:

• How long have you been a supplier to businesses?

• From where do you source your beans?

• Do you roast your own beans?

• Do you offer air tight packaging with a one-way valve?

• How fast is shipping?

That last question is by far the most crucial. If these beans take too long to get to your establishment, it can hinder your daily operations, put your business at risk or taking financial losses and reduce the freshness of the coffee.

In terms of quality, asking where the beans come from is also important. Depending on the taste you’re looking for, whether you prefer African beans or Central American beans, it helps to know from where your preferred supplier is getting them and whether the taste levels are on par with the highest grade of beans available.


If you run a café or any establishment serving up one cup of coffee after another, you definitely go through a lot of coffee beans. Instead of going to the store every week for refills, stock up on coffee by buying in bulk. A lot of companies will give discounts on wholesale coffee beans, saving you money. Buying bulk coffee of your favorite flavors is a great way to ensure a fresh and delicious cup of coffee for your customers every day.

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