The Ultimate Guide to Vietnam Robusta Coffee

The Ultimate Guide to Vietnam Robusta Coffee

Vietnam Robusta coffee is rapidly growing in popularity. This is leading a lot of people to wonder what exactly is Robusta, and why are so many people switching to it from Arabica?

Believe it or not, this has actually been a widely available product for some time, but it is only now being brewed with the care it deserves.

In this guide, we’re going to get a quick history of Vietnam coffee and see why it is changing the way people drink their joe.

The Basics of Robusta Coffee

What is Robusta coffee?

Robusta is coffee that comes from the Coffea canephora plant. It has high caffeine content, compared to Arabica coffee.

It is currently less than 30% of the total world’s coffee production, with Arabica being far more popular.

For a long time, Robusta was only used to blend with Arabica, make instant coffee, or mix in for espresso. But this is beginning to change as the world is discovering the high quality of Vietnamese Robusta as a worthy bean all its own.

Why is Vietnam Robusta coffee becoming so popular?

While Arabica coffee has long been the most popular option, Robusta is surging in popularity. There’s a lot of reasons for this, but the main three are:

●  Sustainability: Because Robusta has a lot more caffeine in it, it is much more resistant to pests. That means farmers can use less energy and fewer chemicals to produce their beans. As climate change makes disease and extreme temperatures more common, the more that hardiness comes into play. And in Vietnam, major steps have been made in the 21st century to turn coffee production into a highly sustainable practice.

●  Improved Flavor: It was long assumed that Robusta was good for espresso and instant coffee, but not for brewing the standard cup we all enjoy. Vietnamese Robusta farmers have been changing this narrative, focusing on delivering high quality, ripe beans. page1image9313392 page1image9313600

● Adventurous Tastes: Over the past decade, coffee drinkers have been expanding their palettes — looking for something a little more interesting than a simple cup of brand-name brew. This has led them to try a wide range of options, including Robusta.

What Is Vietnam Robusta

What makes Vietnamese coffee different?

Vietnam is the second-largest coffee producer in the world. And Robusta coffee is far and away the biggest part of that output. Vietnam Robusta contains strong caffeine levels and an equally strong taste.

Vietnam is the perfect place for growing Robusta beans. Its unique geography and favorable climate conditions allow farmers to rely on generally strong yields. The central highlands of Vietnam are the primary region for Robusta production, with Dak Lak province being the largest producer.

Vietnam's Robusta coffee beans are typically used in blends to add strength and body to a cup of coffee. They are also popularly used in instant coffees due to their affordability and consistent flavor profile.

What does Vietnamese Robusta coffee taste like?

More recently, this coffee is experiencing a resurgence on the avant garde. Among these venturesome coffee lovers, Vietnam Robusta has been gaining recognition for its unique taste characteristics, with a flavor that can be characterized as:

●  earthy

●  nutty

●  hint of chocolate

●  spice

●  floral notes

And the best part? Vietnam Robusta is typically less expensive than the average Arabica.

What is the history of coffee in Vietnam?

Coffee growing has been an essential part of Vietnamese agriculture for more than a century. In that time, they have grown to be one of the most important producers in the entire world — and far and away the leading growers of Robusta coffee.

This history began in the late 1850s when French colonizers brought the plant to Vietnam. Some 30 years later, large-scale cultivation was underway, although it began with Arabica.

In the early 20th century, Vietnam became a major coffee producer and wholesaler as the Central Highlands saw a rise in farms. And it was here that the instant coffee phenomenon began, using the Robusta beans that now dominated in the country.

After the Vietnam War, coffee production for export slowed down. But this changed with reforms in the 1980s, which paved the way for the high output we see today.

With the rise of e-commerce platforms, people around the world can now buy Vietnam Robusta online without having to purchase it in the form of espresso mixes or instant coffee. This had led to an increased interest in the unique flavors these beans offer.

How to brew Vietnam Robusta coffee?

Many coffee lovers want to dive into the world of Vietnam Robusta coffee, but they don’t know how best to brew it. After all, what’s the point of getting interesting beans if you’re just going to brew them the same way as your Arabica?

The truth is, brewing a delicious cup of Arabica might be a bit different than Robusta.

And the most popular method for brewing Vietnamese coffee is using a phin filter. This filter lets you slowly drip hot water through the grounds. That leans into Robusta’s strong flavor, and because the beans are so high in caffeine, it’ll give you quite the boost, too.

If you are new to Robusta, you might want to have a little milk, cream, or your favorite dairy alternative on hand. This can help complement and balance the boldness of Vietnam Robusta coffee beans.

As you experiment, make sure to keep an eye on time and brewing temperature. Write down the combinations you try and give them ratings and descriptions. This will let you recreate the results — leading to the perfect cup for the occasion. (Really, this is a great practice for any coffee beans.)

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