How Coffee Lowers Diabetes Risk

Coffee beans

It sounds too good to be true for coffee lovers, but a 2004 study at the Harvard School of Public Health showed a striking correlation between drinking coffee and lowering your risk for developing type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease.

Risk Cut in Half

Men who participated in the study and drank 6 cups or more of coffee daily were able to cut their chance of developing diabetes in half compared to male non-coffee drinkers. Women who drank 6 cups or more per day reduced their likelihood of developing diabetes by 30 percent. That's news to celebrate with a nice, rich cup of Colombian Supremo coffee!

Coffee beans

Decaf Difference

Decaffeinated coffee also showed promise in risk reduction, but the results were somewhat less significant. So, if you're looking to lower your diabetes risk, go for delicious, full-flavored Colombian Supremo coffee beans.

More Coffee More Benefit

One surprising finding of the study was that the more coffee participants drank, the less likely they were to develop diabetes. A study done in Finland, the world's biggest drinker of coffee, showed that drinking 10 or more cups of coffee per day significantly reduced chances of getting diabetes. Unlike the Harvard study however, their results showed that drinking fewer than 10 cups resulted in the same risk level as non-coffee drinkers.

Coffee Helps Diabetes

Grab some Colombian coffee beans and start brewing, because the good news is that even if you already have diabetes, coffee could help alleviate future symptoms. In the scientific journal PLOS One, a 2012 animal study showed that the caffeine in coffee could help prevent memory loss and cognitive decline, two conditions associated with diabetes. However, if you have high blood sugar, go for decaf. Too much caffeine can raise blood sugar levels.

Diabetes Epidemic

In 2015, over 30 million Americans suffered from diabetes. Of those, 29 million had type 2 diabetes. The number of new cases grows each year by a staggering 1.5 million. Isn't it amazing that something so dreadful can be prevented with something so delicious as Colombian coffee beans?

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