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Flavored Coffee Lovers Unite

Mar 20 2018

If you are a fan of flavored coffee, we have good news - you are not alone! We know what you like and why you like it, and we create the best flavored coffee beans for your pleasure.

Fans of gourmet flavored coffee have been misunderstood and snubbed for years. If you are standing in line at your favorite local coffee shop and you order a flavored coffee, you might hear snickers from the coffee snob behind you. That’s because coffee snobs believe that flavored coffee beans are an inferior grade of bulk coffee beans, and that’s simply not true!

At Java Bean Plus, our flavored coffee beans are a premium blend of high-quality roasted coffee beans and natural flavoring essences. Our gourmet flavored coffee beans are Kosher-certified and sourced from Flavor and Fragrance Specialists. We start with the finest and freshest bulk coffee beans, and we roast the coffee beans before adding 3% of the coffee’s weight in flavoring. The result is a bold, smooth, rich tasting flavored coffee with a warm aroma.   

flavored coffee

Why not buy bulk coffee beans and add your own coffee flavoring? First of all, infused flavored coffee enhances the natural bold taste of the roasted coffee beans. Flavored coffee beans are so smooth and savory that you can drink it black, which means you don’t have to purchase a separate flavored coffee creamer. Secondly, coffee flavoring products such as flavored creamer or liquid flavor pumps are full of sugar and artificial flavors. Flavored coffee beans that are infused with real flavors allow you to enjoy your coffee brewed hot or cold without adding any sugar or additives.  

Can you mix coffee beans from different countries to make flavored coffee? The answer is yes! Bulk coffee beans from one country can be blended with wholesale coffee beans from another country, and the marriage of these coffee beans creates a fresh bold taste that is perfect for flavored coffee. Blending coffee beans offers a new twist on flavored coffee, bringing together complementary flavors of coffee beans with natural flavoring essences. It creates a whole new coffee tasting experience.

flavored coffee

What types of flavored coffee beans are available other than French Vanilla and Hazelnut? We are glad you asked! At Java Bean Plus, we offer nearly four dozen gourmet flavored coffee options, from the common to the uncommon. Our common flavors include five varieties of Vanilla, six varieties of Hazelnut, and two types of Caramel and Pumpkin Spice. Our uncommon flavors include Blueberry CobblerRed VelvetCinnamonCoconut CreamSnicker Cookie and Peppermint. The always popular Pumpkin Spice is available year-round, so you don’t have to wait for autumn to get it.

Flavored coffee fans - it’s time to unite and celebrate all the goodness in flavored coffee beans. Our flavored coffee is special, and it’s a difference you can taste. You want to jump-start your morning or reinvigorate your afternoon with a cup of great tasting flavored coffee, and Java Bean Plus offers the biggest selection of gourmet flavored coffee beans at wholesale coffee bean prices.





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