DIY Iced Coffee Tips

DIY Iced Coffee Tips

When it comes to making iced coffee, most people don’t know where to start. In fact, the majority of people do not even attempt to make iced coffee on their own, instead opting for iced coffee made by the local coffee shop. However, DIY (do it yourself) iced coffee has the potential to taste fantastic, especially if you pay attention to the details. Whether you are a coffee lover who has never worked in a coffeehouse, a barista, or a coffee shop owner, you can benefit from the DIY iced coffee tips detailed below.

Coffee Ice Cubes are Essential

The best iced coffee is made with coffee ice cubes as opposed to regular water-based ice cubes. Brew some coffee, let it cool, and pour it into an ice cube tray. Let the ice cubes form overnight and you will be able to pop them directly into your coffee for a flavor infusion. This approach ensures the ice infuses even more coffee flavor as opposed to turning into flavorless water. 

Mind the Coffee Beans

Any old unroasted coffee bean won't suffice for your iced coffee. The tastiest iced coffee is made with high-quality coffee beans. So don’t assume the bargain basement coffee at the local supermarket will taste perfectly fine after being jazzed up with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, and coffee-flavored ice cubes. If you are still on the fence as to whether the quality of the wholesale coffee beans matters for iced coffee, simply perform a taste test and you will find there is a significant difference in taste.

Make It Stronger Than You Think is Necessary

Iced coffee must be brewed stronger than regular coffee simply because the water within the ice will weaken the taste. Err on the side of making the coffee stronger than you think is necessary and you will find the taste is just right. In general, it is best to use four teaspoons of ground coffee for each cup of iced coffee.

Be Patient

Once the coffee is brewed, put it in a glass jar. Place the glass jar in the fridge so it has time to cool down and produce the flavor you covet.

Make Sure the Sugar Dissolves

If you add sugar to your iced coffee, give it some time to dissolve. If the coffee is extra cold, sugar and nut milk might not fully dissolve, resulting in a grainy beverage. If necessary, wait until the chilled coffee warms to the point that the sugar can properly dissolve. However, if you let the coffee sit too long, the ice will completely melt, watering down the drink to the point that the flavor is compromised. Find the happy medium between these two extremes and you will be more than happy with the taste of your iced coffee.

Practice Makes Perfect

Incorporate the tips described above in your DIY iced coffee attempt and you will find your homemade brew tastes that much better. However, it might not taste perfect on the initial try. Refine your technique for making iced coffee with additional practice and it won’t be long until your DIY iced coffee tastes just as good as that served at your local coffee shop.

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