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Brazil Dark Blend™ Coffee Beans

Brazil Dark Blend™ - Java Bean Plus
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5 LB Resealable Bag w/ Valve. Coffee is the national beverage of Brazil, and more people buy Brazilian beans than any other type. You’ll be reminded why Brazilian coffee is so popular as soon as you brew yourself a cup with these beans. They have the familiar aroma that may have brightened your mornings for as long as you can remember, and each cup gives you the comforting, classic taste. Brazil Dark coffee beans are roasted longer than our Brazil No. 18 beans. The leisurely roasting process increases the sweetness and leaves a slight, stimulating wisp of bitterness and acidity. Each cup made from Brazil Dark provides traces of chocolate, fruity mixtures and creaminess. We combine the beans with deluxe Central American beans to give the blend a brighter acidity. 



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