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Espresso - Vienna Blend Coffee Beans

Espresso - Vienna Blend - Java Bean Plus
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5 LB Resealable Bag w/ Valve. Viennese Coffeehouses are famous throughout the world for their elegance and their dazzling coffees. Our Viennese Blend gives you a taste of their luxurious espressos. The Vienna Blend is a well–balanced, lightly roasted mixture with hints of cocoa and a full–bodied consistency.  These beans originate in Colombia and Brazil. These nations are two of the top three coffee bean exporters in the world. Their beans originate from tropical rainforests and high altitudes, and have a pleasing acidity and well–balanced flavors. Savor your Viennese espresso on its own, top it with whipped cream or serve it to guests along with some light pastries.



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