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Espresso - Italian Blend Coffee Beans

Espresso - Italian Blend - Java Bean Plus
  • $29.95


5 LB Resealable Bag w/ Valve. Our Italian Blend is the perfect introduction to espresso for newbies. It’s also a great choice for espresso lovers who are looking for a standard for a classic espresso. The term “espresso,” comes from the Italian word for “express” or “pressed.” The American use of the term honors the fact that the Italians were the original masters of making espresso.  Our Italian Blend contains Brazilian beans, which are sweet and have somewhat mild fruit tastes. The beans are darkly roasted to bring out the caramel and chocolate flavors. A thick espresso made with our Italian Blend is naturally creamy. It goes beautifully on its own or you can experiment on this classic with shot of flavoring syrup.



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