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Donut Blend Coffee Beans

Donut Blend - Java Bean Plus
  • $33.45


5 LB Resealable Bag w/ Valve. We’re quite proud of our Donut Blend and for good reason. It takes you back to the time in your life when nothing was better than a freshly baked donut and cup of coffee to start your day. Now, you can get your day started right with our Donut Blend.  The Donut Blend has large–sized, bold–flavored Colombia Supremo beans and Central American beans. The blend is very lightly roasted to the Cinnamon Roast Color and it has a smooth texture with a hint of cocoa. Of course, our Donut Blend coffee is kinder to your waistline than a donut. So go ahead, add a little chocolate or caramel syrup to your Donut Blend. We won’t tell.



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