Green Coffee Beans Reduce Fat: Fact or Fiction?

Green coffee beans

Doctors go back and forth on coffee. Is it a heart-healthy serum or a risky drink that may cause palpitations and other health effects? While most doctors tend to agree that coffee is healthy without added sugar or artificial creamers, they are still up in the air about another coffee-related issue: weight loss.

Sure, coffee makes you feel full and keeps you regular, which are important benefits for weight loss, but do the infamous green coffee beans on local fitness outlets actually reduce your fat content? Here's what the experts really think about this supposed weight loss miracle drug.

Green coffee beans


Coffee is naturally green when harvested from the plant. It turns brown or black when the bean is roasted and dries. When you buy green coffee from wholesale outlets, you're purchasing raw, natural, unroasted, and unprocessed beans, which you can then roast yourself for fresh, delicious coffee. 

Chemical Effects

Wholesale green coffee beans provide you with chlorogenic acids, which are much more positive than they sound. These acid compounds are found in high concentrations in raw coffee and are reduced during the roasting process. Chlorogenic acids are antioxidants that may improve heart health and may also help with weight loss.

Burning Fat

Some studies have shown that chlorogenic acids can help the body break down fat cells, which contributes to fast and effective weight loss. In fact, green coffee bean oils are often extracted and sold as a weight loss supplement due to these supposed effects. 

Talk to Your Doctor

It’s never a bad call to consult your doctor on questions related to diet and health, especially whenever you encounter a new type of treatment for promoting weight loss and you aren’t sure how healthy or viable it is. Many variables can contribute to weight loss and you should find out what might be the beat weight-loss plan for you. Once you discuss green coffee as an option with a medical professional, you’ll have a clearer sense of whether or not it’s a weight loss option that’s right to meet your particular needs and health goals.

In terms of the specific health benefits of green coffee, more formal studies are needed to determine if green coffee extract is an effective weight loss supplement. Scientists still recommend diet and exercise to improve your health and shrink your waistline naturally and without negative side effects. This is not to say that green coffee offers no benefits, but that you shouldn’t rely on it over more traditional weight loss options.

Should you purchase green coffee beans? While the research is still out on whether it burns fat, green coffee is undeniably fresher than pre-roasted beans or grounds. For a flavorful cup of coffee every time, buy raw, green coffee beans and roast them yourself. 

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