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Decaffeinated - Manhattan Java Colombia Espresso™ Coffee Beans

Decaffeinated - Manhattan Java Colombia Espresso™ - Java Bean Plus
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5 LB Resealable Bag w/ Valve. This blend gets our vote for winner of the All–New York competition. Like the city of New York, this coffee blend not for the faint of heart. The vibrant blend is challenging, bustling and addictive. New York gets its character from its multicultural residents, and the flavors in our Manhattan Java Blend reflect the benefits of diversity. Coffee beans from Colombia and Central America contribute bright acidity and the fulsome medium roast brings out notes of chocolate and caramel. You’ll be conscious of the unique nature of this blend as soon as you smell its tantalizing aroma.. 

The Methylene Chloride (MC) process is a traditional method of coffee decaffeination and it is still the most common process today. Methylene chloride is a solvent that draws caffeine from the coffee beans while leaving behind the beans’ flavor oils. The decaffeinated beans are approximately 99.0% caffeine free.

Customer Reviews

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Great Place for Coffee!

Service/shipping are outstanding. Have gotten 5# bean containers from other suppliers but Java Bean Plus has always had fair pricing and service. (As always not to say pricing could be better but that the case with anything.)
The Manhattan decaf Expresso is great robust flavor for anyone wanting a great coffee in a decaf. Can't go wrong!

The Best!

All I can drink is decaf coffee for medical reasons and this is the best decaf!



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