MC Decaffeinated - Java Bean Select Blend™ Coffee Beans Wholesale

MC Decaffeinated - JBP Select Blend™ Coffee Beans

Decaffeinated - Java Bean Select Blend™ - Java Bean Plus
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5 LB Resealable Bag w/ Valve. This is our masterpiece, the one that gives you the true Java Bean Plus experience. The JBP Select Blend is the coffee to try if you want to know what we’re about. The coffee has the perfect ratio of Colombian Supremo beans and coffee beans from Central American nations like Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras. The Java Bean Select Blend boasts the characteristics you want in a good coffee. It has a bright acidity and a creamy consistency. We have kept it to a very light roast so that you can taste each flavor in every sip of this blend. The full–bodied coffee has notes of cocoa and spices. 

The Methylene Chloride (MC) process is a traditional method of decaffeination and it is still the most common process today. Methylene chloride is a solvent that draws caffeine from the coffee beans while leaving behind the beans’ flavor oils. The decaffeinated beans are approximately 99.0% caffeine free.



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