Espresso French Blend (Organic & Fair Trade) Coffee Beans Wholesale

Espresso - French Organic Blend (Organic & Fair Trade) Coffee Beans

Espresso - French Organic Blend (Organic & Fair Trade) - Java Bean Plus
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5 LB Resealable Bag w/ Valve. Our Organic Fair Trade French Blend will take you to the banks of the Parisian Seine, in a cafe within sight of the Eiffel Tower. The rich blend is smooth and full-bodied with a bright acidity. The French blend combines Peruvian and Honduran coffee beans. The coffee is nutty, and you can taste more complex flavors of spices and herbs. The dark roast increases the chocolate hints.

The Fair Trade program was developed to help small producers have better working conditions and receive at least living wages for their labor. Fair Trade coffee comes from growers that are part of local coops. The coop sets minimum amounts for the sales of beans and for the profit that growers make. You’ll be able to enjoy your coffee with a clear conscience and the confidence that you’re doing your part to support a better life for small farmers.USDA-certified organic foods are from chemical-free soil. For coffee to be certified as organic, the coffee production process cannot include synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticide. The USDA National Organic Program extends far beyond the borders of our nation, as USDA inspectors verify that international coffee producers comply with growing regulations. 



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