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Green Coffee - Indonesia Sumatra (Organic & Fair Trade) Coffee Beans

Green Coffee - Indonesia Sumatra (Organic & Fair Trade) - Java Bean Plus
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Premium, great tasting unroasted Organic Indonesia Sumatra green coffee beans at wholesale prices. The islands of Indonesia are famous for their lush rainforests and delectable coffee. The main types of coffee beans grown in Indonesia are Sulawesi (Celebes), Java and Sumatra. Like the Mandheling variety of Sumatra coffee beans, Lintong coffee beans are grown inland from southern coast of Sumatra. Sumatra Lintong coffee beans have been naturally dried in the sun directly after harvest. They have earthy undertones and make full-bodied coffee to savor as a thick treat. They have a light acidity and tones of caramel and chocolate.  

This coffee is organic, which means that the beans were grown in USDA-certified organic soil with no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Our wholesale Indonesian green coffee is also Fair Trade, grown by small producers who are guaranteed to receive at least living wages for their work. Pour yourself a cup of this intricate, satisfying single origin coffee and let it be even more enjoyable when you know that you’re supporting both the environment and the livelihood of small farmers.  

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Indonesian Sumatra

Nice Java, I have roasted it to Vienna and Full City so far, I like the Full City best, it cups really smooth, I drink it black.



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